Wheel Stopper Rubber

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Wheel Stopper Rubber

Experiment maximum security and durability with our Wheel Stopper Rubber, designed to satisfy needs of parking lots in indoor and outdoor environments with space limitations. This Wheel Stopper Rubber with an avant-garde design stands out for its easy maneuverability and storage, providing a perfect solution to optimize the available space.

Key Features:

  • Unique Resistance: Manufactured to resist sun adverse effects, as humidity, oil and extreme temperatures, our stop can be flawless in any environment, guaranteeing a long life span free of maintenance.
  • Contribution to a safe environment: This Wheel Stopper Rubber not only ensure an efficient parking lot, but contribute to the creation of a safer environment. Its reflective colors in white, yellow or blue increase visibility, reducing the risk of incidents.
Versatile Applications:
  • Adaptable Surface: Perfect for any surface type, whether is asphalt, concrete or other material, our parking stop adapts without problems, providing versatility on its application.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with convenience, the stop is easily installed through steel anchors (not included). This installation process facilitate the placement in parking lots, garages, loading and discharge areas, among other spaces.


  • Length: 32.0 in
  • Width: 6.2 in
  • Height: 3.3 in


  • Yellow
  • Black


Choose excellence in security and functionality with our product. Secure your parking lot spaces effectively and with style.

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