Parking Stops Rubber

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Parking Stops Rubber

Discover our Parking Stops of Rubber, designed especially for contra flow and work as a parking stop.

With a durable and versatile approach, these rubber stops are ideal for heavy traffic and light traffic flow. Why you should choose our product?

Key Features:

  1. Lane Separator for heavy and light traffic flow: These stops act as an efficient separator, ensuring a correct management of traffic in high and low intensity situations.
  2. Solid anchoring with two mounted reinforcing bars: Quick and safe installation thanks to two reinforcing bars anchored with epoxy glue, guaranteeing a resistant and durable fastening.
  3. Impact resistant and roll pressure: Manufactured to resist impacts and constant pressure, these guarantee a long life span in heavy traffic environments.
  4. UV protection: Don’t worry about the sun exposure, these stops have UV protection, maintaining their structural integrity and aesthetic over time.
  5. Easy transport thanks to its lightweight: Lightweight construction facilitate transport, also perfect for temporary projects or frequent displacements.
  6. Soft surfaces and round borders: Designed thinking in security, these rubber stops present soft surfaces, cutting edges and round borders to avoid any risk of injuries.
  7. Easy installation with nails and epoxy glue: Don’t worry about complicated installations, these parking stops are easily installed with two nails and epoxy glue, providing an efficient solution without complications.


  • Length: 27.5 in
  • Height: 3.1 in
  • Width: 6.2 in
  • Colors: yellow or black


Discover the perfect combination among functionality, resistance and affordability with our Parking Stops Rubber or with other of our products as the Rubber Parking Bumpers.

Make of traffic management an efficient one!


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