Speed Cushions Effectiveness and Solutions

Speed Cushions are considered necessary and important traffic calming solutions to reduce speed in streets.

In United States, the vehicle transit has increased notably, due to the financial flexibility that agencies provide to own a car.

Derived from this, the issues caused by traffic have risen, creating labor disturbances, conflicts among motorists, impacts, injuries and others.

In the last few years, United States has been working in road safety, installing speed control equipment as:

  • Speed Cushions
  • Speed Radars
  • Speed Control Cameras
  • Lane Separators

In accordance with World Health Organization (WHO), United States is one of the countries with highest rates in road accidents; which are caused by many aspects, as the inadequate infrastructure of road safety.

The causative factors of most of the accidents are due to road conditions such as uneven surfaces, risk construction zones, low light conditions.

In addition, factors as human and vehicular ones, like the use of cellphone, drink alcohol, improper maintenance and actions that certainly will affect people.

The Multiseñal’s approach for traffic safety lies in parking lots, manufacturing recycled products that in addition, offer a great resistance and superior long-life span compared with other devices.

Here are some speed cushions effectiveness and solutions that facilitate road safety implementations in any street, where the aim is to control speed in high flow areas and avoid accidents.

On the other hand, some noticeable differences of our traditional-construction products:

Implementation and development time: if a street requires speed control…

The solution for you is a bump, but you’re not thinking the future damages that can be caused.

For example, the construction of a concrete bump is a partial closure of street; which process consists in create the bump and wait for the materials to be solidified to avoid deformations. The total hours of the process are 8 hours approximately; considering a 13.1 ft street and a positive climate.

Otherwise, MultiSeñal’s offers you the speed cushions effectiveness and solutions you need and these can be used immediately.

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