In driving world, the traffic control device and driver terms have important meanings; from the traffic perspective and road safety, we’ll see how the drivers and traffic control devices affect in driving experience.

Drivers in highway:

Navigating through the vehicle flow

Driver’s role

The term “driver” takes a human meaning in this context, referring to an individual who operates a vehicle. The human drivers are very important for a safe interaction in the highway, taking decisions, responding to signals and adapting to the environment.

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System

In the advanced technology era, the drivers can also refer to ADAS; these systems use sensors, cameras and algorithms to help in driving, increasing security and efficiency in highways.  

Traffic Behavior

An efficient traffic flow lies on a good communication and adaptability among drivers, improving safety and traffic flow.

Traffic Control Devices: Security and Separation

Road signs, signals and markings

Driving elements are represented by road signs, signals, pavement markings and markers, that act as visual barriers and provide crucial information to drivers, separating lanes, indicating speed lanes and providing instructions.

Physical barriers and lane separators:

Physical barriers and lane separators (or channelizers), as retaining walls and traffic islands are also considered traffic control devices. Their function is to maintain the separation among traffic flows, reducing the risk of collisions and improving road safety.

Traffic Lights and Smart Arrow Boards

The Smart Arrow Boards act as temporary traffic control devices, controlling the flow of vehicles at intersections. Traffic lights and smart arrow boards provide direction and temporary separation, avoiding conflicts among vehicles and pedestrians.


In driving matters, both, human drivers and traffic control devices contribute to security in highways. The communication among drivers, ADAS, as physical and visual traffic control devices create a better driving environment.

Understanding and respect among drivers and traffic control devices are fundamental to prevent accidents and maintain a correct traffic flow. The continuous evolution of road technology and infrastructure keep influencing in how we interact in highway, always trying to improve the experience of driving and security for all users.

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