Traffic accidents can generate a great uncertainty and stress, even minor accidents. It is crucial to know how to act in these moments to minimize the impact on the safety of people, yours and your pocket.

We will try to provide you guidance in how to solve a traffic accident. Here’s a complete guide with important aspects to focus on, that according to the experts you should use on these cases. From paying attention to the involved people to legal and administrative procedures.

Keep Calm:

In a traffic accident, adrenaline, fear, anger and a state of shock can result in a clouded judgement; that’s why is fundamental to keep calm, to take correct decisions and minimize the consequences of the incident.

Some advises to remain calm are:

  • Take a deep breath: Focusing on your breathing help to control anxiety and stress.
  • Don’t think in the worst scenario: Think about the now, in other words, think in your present and what you can do to solve the situation.
  • Avoid to argue with the involved people: Try to maintain a calm and polite attitude.
  • Ask for help: Don’t hesitate a moment to ask for the help of authorities, insurance company or a relative.

Check if there’s any injured person:

In case you’re with companions, make sure that everyone is fine and if there’s any injured person, it is suggested to call to the emergency services. Avoid to move to the victim, this can cause serious damages, unless the car and the victim may be more affected.

Place signals:

First, you must move your car to a place where doesn’t obstruct the road, if possible. After that, turn on your turn signals and put the warning triangles to not less than 20 steps or 16.4 ft of the accident. This is to prevent other drivers.

Call your insurer:

In no circumstance you should leave the scene, exchange your data with other sufferers as: name, phone number, address, license number, license plate number and basic information of the insurer. The local insurance adjuster will provide you all the possible information to cover your insurance and the following steps.

Take pictures:

It is recommended to take photos of the accident to all the involved vehicles, this will help the insurance to determine the amount of damages that you must receive for your vehicle. If you have photos of your car before the accident, this will prove the contrast of the before and after car conditions.

Some final tips:

  • Don’t admit you are guilty: Don’t say anything that can be misunderstood as an admission of guilt.
  • Don’t sign a contract without reading it: Make sure to understand the document before signing it.

During 2023, in road accidents terms, United States was ranked relatively high globally by the WHO, a very worrying fact that is also caused by the road security maintenance. As a conclusion and good advice for how to solve a traffic accident, it is important to always keep calm and act with responsibility. Prioritize the health care of injured people and then follow the given steps to solve an incident in the best possible way.

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