Road and traffic safety are crucial topics that involves us all, especially kids, which are the most vulnerable in the streets.

Traffic regulations must be taught to children, as the risks and how to act responsibly, having also a safer road culture for everyone. Continue reading about… How to teach road safety to children?

Even though manuals, good driving practices and traffic regulation knowledge for adults exists, the truth is that people don’t know them and don’t act according to them.

Road Signs

Playing with the road signs is a good start, having fun learning and playing at the same time. These signs offer different shapes and colors, reinforcing the name of those shapes and how the signs work.

Video games

Children learn playing and in this digital era, some apps and websites offer games where emulate children to be drivers; following carefully any road sign and traffic regulations gives them points. These are pretty intuitive games that provide road safety basics.

Talks in schools

Schools are worrying about this topic and is vital to make known the traffic regulations at an early age. Whether these are talks provided by authorities or to include a subject in the agenda.

These talks must be provided to the child with games, histories and exercises so they ca have a better understanding of road safety.

Teaching by example:

Children at an early age imitate everything they see in their houses, therefore, as parents we must teach them with a great example, respecting signals, and traffic regulations, giving as a result responsible pedestrians and drivers.  

Road safety not only provide tools to develop with security in the streets, but instill values as responsibility, respect and empathy, essential features to build a safer and more responsible society.  

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