Find out the functionality of speed cushions in housing and residential developments, or the place that you live.

There is a high level of carelessness in living units, where most of motorists don’t respect the speed limit. These motorists aren’t imagining the risk of their actions, that’s why a speed cushion is necessary. Some of these factors include children playing, pets running around, objects thrown to the road, and others.

Due construction process of these works, road safety is not considered in these places, where the moderation of speed is zero. This circumstance put people that live there at risk.

Moreover, other risk that may occur if a speed cushion isn’t set is the speed excess; an issue that can be omitted even though existing road devices.

Certain motorists don’t respect traffic and drivers’ regulations, adding also distractions when they are driving, as cellphones and makeup.

This is a constant hazard for people who live there, causing different accidents as injuries, fractures and causing from one to various deaths.

Problems and Solutions

The possibility to acquire a living is getting more difficult every day with reasons like the high cost of these goods, monthly installments, high interest in in a lump sum benefit, and others.

For these reasons, the design and construction professionals have performed different options to develop more accessible projects for everyone and having an ease to acquire a housing or residential development. One of the solutions that have improved and have received a higher request in the last years are the residential and housing developments.
Emerging as a more appealing option for many people when buying a house.

However, the evolution of these new alternative spaces for living has ignored the security these places must provide to inhabitants, this is occasioned to reduce construction budget.

The common insecurity that we are exposed currently as robberies, kidnappings, homicides and other unfortunate skills are not the only ways to present an unfortunate experience. We are also prone to an act of violence, when walking on avenues; the life of a pedestrian is in danger, as in the following cases:

  • Inappropriate maintenance of streets and sidewalks
  • Parking spaces with construction defects
  • Rubble in sidewalks
  • Distracted or asleep drivers
  • Motorists that exceed the speed limit
  • Drivers that don´t yield the right of way to pedestrians
  • To disobey the traffic signs
  • Lack of signal lights use when is turning right or left
  • To drive under the influence of alcohol

Speed Cushions

From the insights of a residential development, these problems may occur; example… A worker going home after a work day, he is tired and want to arrive quickly to his destination, he doesn’t yield the right of way to pedestrians or neighbors; this situation can lead to an accident.

Children are very unpredictable and, in this situation, the driver doesn’t know if a child will run, resulting in an incident. To avoid any circumstance inside a living unit, is necessary to analyze and set speed cushions to decrease the risks that may happen.

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