The speed humps and bumps are part of the speed cushions for traffic calming, installed on the floor to reduce vehicle’s speed.

In other words, the speed humps and bumps adapt speed inside and outside zones, as parking lots, school zones or pedestrian crossings.

These devices avoid contingencies and ensure an optimal performance always.

It is relevant an appropriate selection of recycled rubber products for a speed reduction. The next 3 steps are provided by MULTISEÑAL SA DE CV to find the perfect speed hump or bump with a special feature, devices made of recycled rubber.

Step 1 – Requirements: Explore the relevant, technical and commercial requirements.

In general, the first step is skipped usually, but is an essential part of the selection process.

The information gathered is used to choose the speed hump or bump that will help you to obtain an optimal performance of the product.

It’s suggested to list the following data:

  • Function of the device
  • Space and places to be
  • Dimensions
  • Parameters
  • Specific requirements of the project

Considering these aspects, you will find the perfect speed hump or bump of recycled rubber, satisfying your project needs.  

Step 2 – Installation Zone: consider the type of speed hump or bump that adapts to your project.

The different types of speed humps and bumps of recycled rubber may vary depending on your project requirements.

That’s why is important to determine the parameters (speed humps and bumps quantity, transit spaces, pedestrian flow, location of the devices, usage of each recycled rubber product). During the selection is essential to be totally informed, when making a decision, make a quick review and analyze the road and zone where you will add a product to reduce congestion or speed excess.

Step 3 – Determining Factor: Choose the perfect speed hump or bump, depending on your project.

To make a final choice, you must consider the road where the device installation will be set. Analyze the alternative to add some other type of devices to your project, these can also be adaptable, but always keeping in mind the speed hump or bump, a determining factor.

Your project can require different specific products but is important to know that for certain situations there are more efficient and more expensive products of what you’re looking.

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