Security must be in every part, accidents may occur, rubber corner guards for blind spots.

What are made of?

The corner guards for regular and heavy-duty use are made of rubber, creating high quality products with a long-life span. Our protectors help to provide an impact resistance of objects with structures, which, in turn, improve structure in high traffic areas. The molded reflective material increase motorist’s visibility for greater security. These rubber protectors are easy to maintain and very resistant to chemical products, climate and corrosion; ideal for indoors and outdoors. The finish of the rubber protectors for parking lots has black and yellow stripes to increase the visibility of these guards.

The pillar guards are made to protect the borders from damage; its versatile design is useful for the protection of warehouses, offices, door frames or any 90° corner. Its installation is permanent.  

Corner Guards

These rubber protectors are easy to install, due the installation holes are already made from factory and with the help of expansion bolt screws this is a quick and easy task.

Install them in:

  • Parking lots
  • Unloading areas
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Industrial warehouses

The risks of accidents are everywhere, equip your parking lot appropriately. There are times that parking spaces are placed next to a pillar, wall and others, therefore, in order to provide security when getting out of the car, is suggested the installation of these protectors. Incidents may occur when people get out of their parking space and exist many blind spots, prevent damage in vehicles installing corner guards.  

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