The diverse beauty of Spain has a unique way to explore it by bike, with impressive landscapes, colorful routes and a rich culture, the country offers an unforgettable experience for cycling lovers. For those who are looking to pedal through histories and nature, some of the best bike routes in Spain are mentioned below:

1. Vasco – Navarro Railway Greenway

Discovering the history

This journey begins in Vitoria city to Estella, Vasco – Navarro Railway Greenway offers immersion in Spain’s history; with 59 miles of bike way, this route provides a calmed journey through green areas, tunnels and viaducts.

2. Cares in Picos de Europa

Challenging the nature senses

For the fans of the nature and challenges, the route of Cares in Picos de Europa is an unrivaled choice, this trail winds along the Cares River, offering panoramic views of cliffs and mountainous landscapes; with 7.4 miles, this route combines the cycling emotion and nature’s serenity.

3. Wine Route in La Rioja

Taste and cycling in harmony

Immerse yourself in Spain’s culture, this route of 24.8 miles takes cyclists through vineyards and picturesque wine villages. The perfect combination of exercise and pleasure, the Wine Route offers stop-offs to taste local wines, as enjoy the rich gastronomy of the region.

4. Around Menorca by bike

Exploring Isla Baleares

For those that are looking an insular experience, around Menorca provides a complete tour through this treasure of the Mediterranean with 114 miles, where cyclists can discover the unique beauty of Menorca while pedaling through winded roads in fields and impressive cliffs.

In conclusion,

Spain offers a broad range of bike routes with mountainous landscapes to charming vineyards. Every route provides a unique chance to explore the cultural wealth of the country while enjoying physical activity and the natural beauty. Whether you are immersed in the history of an old rail track or tasting a wine in La Rioja, the cycling in Spain is a unique experience that combine adventure and discovery. Be prepared to explore Spain in a new way. Two wheels and adventure are waiting for you!

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