Being stuck in traffic jam is an everyday experience at big cities, and also something you will never get used to. We all now early mornings and late afternoons also known as rush hours, the time when everything is a chaos.  

This is even worst if rains, an accident occurs, there’s a march, a protest or any event that happens. These aspects are considered the synonym of traffic jam, desperation, stress, anger and more… But maybe the next time you’re in this situation you will have Things to Do While You’re Stuck in Traffic Jam.

A bitter pill to swallow.

You don’t know how long is going to take you being stuck, but we recommend you to take a deep breath and instead cursing everyone, you can perform these activities to keep your mind busy and take advantage of time.

  • Listen to music, podcasts or audio books. This is an excellent way to relax or learn something new.
  • You can catch up with reading. Whether is an e-book or a print book, both are good ideas to spend time but ALWAYS paying attention to the road.
  • Play games and riddles, an excellent way to keep busy and challenge your mind. This is so much better if you’re accompanied.
  • Work or study. If you have to study or work, you can use some time to be productive.
  • Talk with passengers. If you’re with other people in the same vehicle, you can simply talk about plenty of topics.
  • Call Friends and family. An excellent way to be connected with the people you care about but remember that you can also use the speaker or Bluetooth mode, a headset is also a good idea.
  • Send text messages or use social media. Suitable to meet new people, keep in touch with friends or family. Is very important to be focused on road and stop using your device when you move forward.
  • Meditate and relax. The best way to release stress and anxiety.
  • Reflect about your day. You can also reflect about how was your day, if you were productive or if you felt insecure and sad. Remember the success or happiness you had during your day; you can also think about planning something.

We already shared Things to Do While You’re Stuck in Traffic Jam. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, remember that being stuck is just a temporary part of your day. Keep calm, enjoy or take advantage of time as an opportunity to be productive.

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