The recycled rubber is a material with great components and better functions to manufacture many other products.

The recycling topic in United States is interesting; companies have been adapting recycling practices on its manufacturing, purchase and waste process. Therefore, when a product complies with its lifespan and is thrown away, can be functional in other product type. The materials that can have a second life are recycled rubber, PET, glass, water, cardboard, cans, paper, metal, batteries, cement, bags, and others.

In United States, one of the biggest wastes is plastic, generating approximately 35.7 million of tons per year, recycling an 8.7% only. Despite the efforts made to improve this situation, there isn’t an efficient and enough infrastructure for recycling. California recycles a 82% of PET bottles, while the rest of the country only recycles a 29%.

Countries need more initiatives with the purpose of grow until become an industry that decrease the waste quantity and being positive for domestic economy. For instance, companies are the ones that have achieved and worked the most to reduce and recycle their wastes.

The role of Multiseñal in recycling matters is important due that currently in a country like Mexico, 50 tires are thrown away per minute, meaning, 40 million tons per year, and just the 10% is recycled in different ways, in comparison to United States where the 85.86% is recycled.  

Moreover, it is estimated that the process of the thrown away tires in United States is:

  • 16% civil engineering usages
  • 14% dumped in landfills
  • 12% articles of crumb rubber
  • 52% burned for fuel  
  • 6% unknown

Among all the products that can be manufactured with recycled rubber, stands out the following industries and final items:

  • Rubber industry: used as an additive for mixtures, patterns and carpets
  • Construction Industry: acoustic, vibration and seismic insulation
  • Waterproofing and water drainage asphalt
  • Surface in sport zones, as water drain
  • In the manufacture of crumb rubber tiles for floors
  • In farms, to cover the floors with rubber instead of straw
  • In the manufacture of shoe soles
  • Alternating fuel
  • Power plants
  • Sanitary landfill

In conclusion, from tire recycling are obtained materials as, rubber, steel and nylon rope that can be reused subsequently to different industries, however, up until now, MultiSeñal reuse the rubber to create our products, increasing the life span of the final product as its resistance and hardness. Multiseñal has the commitment to create products for road safety, as help to the environment; being considered as a Socially Responsible Company (ESR, Empresa Socialmente Responsable in Spanish).

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