Parking on a Speed Bump

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Parking on a Speed Bump

The Parking on a Speed Bump is presented as an innovative alternative to traditional Concrete Speed Bumps that conquer the big cities.

This Parking on a Speed Bump has a great size that not only redefines traffic safety, but contributes to a safer and better traffic flow.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Modular Design: 
    • The Parking on a Speed Bump is a modular speed reducer device that perfectly adapts to different road conditions.
    • Exists two versions of the Speed Bump: ECO-R140 for light traffic and ECO-R180 designed for heavy duty vehicles.
  2. Innovative Material:
    • Manufactured in polyethylene, a material that guarantees impact resistance without damaging vehicles.
    • Ideal to replace regular concrete speed bumps.
  3. Improved Security:
    • Anti-slip surface for a better adherence.
    • Three integrated solar road studs to improve night visibility.
    • Line colors are highly visible; black and yellow.

Recommended Applications:

  • School Environments: The Parking on a Speed Bump it is specially recommended to close areas to schools, guaranteeing safety of students during rush hours.
  • Hospital Zones: In hospital zones, where controlled speed is essential to guarantee safety of patients and personnel.
  • Pedestrian Crossings: The installation in pedestrian crossings contributes to the protection of passersby and develops a more aware driving.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • Easy to Install: It is easily installed with 14 or 16 anchors, depending on the model.
    • Intelligent Solar Road Stud:
    • Intelligent solar system with panel and highly efficient electronic system.
    • LED’s in transparent amber with an ample beam angle and a 3 Hz flashing frequency.

Important Note of the Road Stud:

The solar system of the road stud is for exclusive use of the Parking on a Speed Bump and it is not designed for its individual use. Its optimal efficacy is achieved through the join with speed bumps, improving visibility and security.



  • Width: 4.5 ft
  • Length: 3.9 ft
  • Height: 3.9 in
  • Colors: Yellow and Black


With the Parking on a Speed Bump, we demonstrate our commitment to transform the driving experience, providing advanced and sustainable traffic solutions for safer and more efficient communities. Discover the revolution in road safety with our Parking on a Speed Bump!


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