Rubber Speed Humps

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Rubber Speed Humps

Devices strategically designed to reduce speed in specific zones, the Rubber Speed Humps are set on asphalt surfaces, providing an efficient solution to guarantee road safety.

These Rubber Speed Bumps play a crucial role due to its placement over ditches, ensuring an interrupted pass of vehicles whilst complying with their main function: reduce speed.

Recommended for pedestrian areas, school environments, high vehicular traffic zones and any place where the accident prevention is a priority.

  1. Exceptional Modular Design:
    • Unique on the market, its modular design provides versatility.
    • It is easily adapted to customized lengths.
  2. High Quality Materials:
    • Manufactured in polyethylene, resistant to impacts and safe for vehicles and pedestrians.
  3. Robust Reinforcement:
    • Reinforced with iron and steel anchors to increase the strength and resistance to vehicular pass.
  4. Anti-slip and Safe Surface:
    • High relief lines to guarantee an anti-slip surface.
    • Optimal height to avoid friction on the lower part of the vehicles.
  5. Customized adjustment:
    • Every module has adjustable lock that can be adapted to ditches with 15.7 in and 23.6 in width.
  6. Permanent Installation:
    • For a permanent installation are necessary ultrafix screws and extralarge rawl plugs.
  7. Durable Colors:
    • Black and yellow with UV protection for an exceptional durability.
  8. Night Visibility Options:
    • Optional reflective areas and lighting system with solar road studs and LEDs.

Electronic System:

  • Intelligent Solar Road Studs:
    • Solar panel and efficient electric system.
    • LEDs in amber and blue color for greater visibility.
    • Flash Frequency of 3 Hz, exclusive use for speed bumps.
    • Specific optical design for maximum efficiency.



  • Width: 23.6 in
  • Height: 3.9 in
  • Length: 4.5 ft
  • Colors: Black and yellow
  • Reflective: White or amber


With the Rubber Speed Bumps, we prioritize traffic safety with a unique combination of innovative design and advanced technology.

Discover more of our road products ant their performance, such as the Parking on a Speed Bump, choose excellence in Traffic Protection!


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