Rubber Speed Hump 3D

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rubber speed hump 3D

Rubber Speed Hump 3D

The Rubber Speed Hump 3D is a road device visually impressive, designed to maintain reduced speeds in specific highway sections.

Its main purpose is to decrease speed of drivers, and is the ideal choice for areas as schools, pedestrian crossings or any place where is crucial to slow down.

Key Features:

1. Creative and Futurist Design: The effectiveness of the Rubber Speed Hump 3D consists in its creative and avant-garde design. Imagine to drive and suddenly observe a floating Speed Hump, would you reduce your speed? Yes, we anticipate that people will perform the same action.

2. Dynamic Shape and Optical Effect: The dynamic shape and optical effect of the 3D Rubber Speed Hump create awareness on people to reduce their speed without a full brake. This device is composed by adjustable modules to the desired length, offering a flexible solution to different road configurations.

3. Anti-Slip Surface with Micro-spheres: The surface of the Rubber Speed Hump 3D guarantees safety to all the drivers. With a 3D relief in blue, white and yellow, improved with micro-spheres, creating shining flashes during night when it is illuminated by head lights of cars.

4. Water Drainage System: With ramps on the end caps, the Rubber Speed Hump 3D facilitates the water draining, avoiding the accumulation and ensuring an optimal performance even in adverse climate conditions.

5.Polyethylene Manufacturing: Manufactured with high quality polyethylene, the Rubber Speed Hump 3D is friendly with the vehicles whilst providing long-term durability. Its black color adds an elegant and durable aesthetic to the highway.

6. Easy and Safe to Install: The installation is easy with the 9 holes in the center module and 5 holes on the end caps, this guarantees a safe and direct configuration process, creating a practical option to improve road security.

7. Ideal to Replace Concrete Speed Humps: Perfect to replace regular Concrete Speed Humps, the Rubber Speed Hump 3D offers a modern choice with enhanced visibility and effectiveness.



  • Center Section: 29.5 in x 4.9 ft
  • End Caps: 11.8 in x 4.9 ft
  • Reflector: 3D Micro-sphere
  • Color of Reflector: White, yellow, blue


In conclusion, the Rubber Speed Hump 3D stands out as an innovative solution to improve traffic safety.

Its innovative design and convenient features transform it into an excellent choice for any place where controlled speed is fundamental.

Experience a new era of road security with our latest generation Rubber Speed Hump 3D.

Explore the Rubber Speed Bumps for Asphalt.


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