Speed Bumps High Visibility

Código: TR-EV-183

Nombre: Reductor de velocidad con esferas



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Speed Bumps High Visibility

The Speed Bumps with high visibility are devices strategically placed on the asphalt surface, that as a purpose have to maintain a reduced speed in specific road sections.

Their main function consists in the safe speed reduction of motorists, being highly recommended in sensitive areas such as schools, pedestrian crossings, hospital zones and any place where is required to control the speed.

  1. Effective Speed Reduction: Able to decrease speed up to 4.9 mph guaranteeing a safer circulation.
  2. Outstanding Resistance: Their solid construction provides resistance to heavy shocks and impacts, ensuring long term durability.
  3. Road Security: Contributes to a risk reduction in roads, improving security in pedestrians and motorists.
  4. Eco-friendly: Non harmful components for the environment, immune to environmental damages.
  5. UV Protection: Equipped with protection against UV-rays, ensuring durability under the sun exposure.
  6. Easy to Transport: Lightweight body and convenient design for easy handling and mobility according to the needs.
  7. Safe Anchoring: Includes 5 anchors of 30 mm for a robust fixation to the ground, guaranteeing stability.
  8. High Visibility: 4 reflective spheres cat eye type and 3 reflective strips in yellow, providing visibility to 328 ft and improving visual perception.
  9. Customized Configuration: With a male-female assembly, providing the flexibility to adjust the desired length according to the required specifications.



  • No Special Maintenance: They don’t require special coatings neither treatments, facilitating their maintenance.
  • Easy to Clean: They are easily clean of residuals, maintaining their appearance and functionality.



  • Resistance to Adverse Conditions: Almost imperceptible damage or deterioration to extreme climate conditions, humidity, saline or acidic environments.
  • Exceptional Durability: Their lifespan exceeds regular Speed Cushion, offering a constant performance over time.


  • Length: 6.0 ft
  • Height: 2.3 in
  • Width: 11.0 in
  • Colors: Black with yellow strips


These Speed Bumps of high visibility not only ensure a controlled flow, but stands out for its resistance and easy maintenance, creating the ideal choice to improve road security.


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