Concrete Speed Bumps

Nombre: Reductor de Velocidad REVO

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Concrete Speed Bumps

The Concrete Speed Bumps are devices strategically placed on the asphalt surface, designed to maintain reduced speeds in specific sections of the road, contributing to a safer environment.

Its main function consists in the speed reduction of the drivers, with the purpose of improve road safety and decrease the associated polluted emissions.

These Concrete Speed Bumps are specially suggested on pedestrian zones, school environments, high density vehicular areas or any place where is crucial to control the speed.

Key Features: 

  1. Modular Versatility: Adaptable to different lengths, allows horizontal or vertical positions to be suitable to the specific needs of the environment.
  2. Revolutionary Efficiency: Its unique modular design on the marker guarantees the maximum effectiveness, avoiding vehicles to perform total stops and reducing the polluting emissions.
  3. Priority Security: Facilitates vehicles to maintain an appropriate speed according to the road, allowing pedestrians a safe cross.
  4. Sustainable Material: Manufactured in polyethylene, it doesn’t cause damage to vehicles or pedestrians, ensuring a safe co-existence.
  5. Guaranteed Durability:Line color in black and yellow with great resistance, ideal to substitute regular concrete speed bumps.
  6. Easy to Install: Easy to install, a REVO circuit is assembled and its center is filled with concrete or may be used with polyethylene plates.


Features of the Electronic System:

  • Intelligent Solar Road Stud: Lighting system based on solar road studs with LED to improve night visibility.
  • Efficient Energy: Solar panel and highly efficient electronic system.
  • Optimal Visibility: LEDs in transparent amber or blue with a beam angle of 30° degrees.
  • Coordinated Flashes: Flash frequency of 3 Hz for a clear and effective signaling.



  • Height: 2.7 in
  • Width and adjustable length (according to the requirements)
  • Colors: Black and yellow


Choose Concrete Speed Bumps and transform the traffic security in a sustainably and innovative way.

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