Plastic Speed Bumps

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Plastic Speed Bumps

Experience an effective and durable speed control with our innovative Plastic Speed Bumps.

Designed to reduce speed to a 1.8-4.9 mph range, these devices stand out for their versatility and resistance.

Discover the key features that transform our Plastic Speed Bumps into the ideal choice to improve road safety:

Key Features:

  • Precise Speed Reduction: The bumps guarantee an optimal speed reduction, providing a safer environment with controlled speeds of 1.8-4.9 mph.
  • Adaptable Installation: Can be easily installed over any asphalt surface, ideal for pedestrian, street crossings and avenues. Their versatile design adjusts to different road configurations.
  • Stop Sign Reinforcement: Perfect to reinforce stop signs, the Bumps complement the traffic indications, improving awareness and safety to drivers.
  • Quick Assembly: Designed for an immediate installation, the Plastic Speed Bumps are assembled through male-female end caps and are fixed with expansion screws.
  • Unique Durability: Resistant to front or lateral impacts, these bumps are unbreakable; they don’t crack or decompose the material, guaranteeing a long-term performance.
  • Extreme Resistance: Withstand adverse conditions, from UV light, humidity, to oil and extreme temperatures. Their resistant construction create a reliable option in any environment.
  • Zero Maintenance: With the plastic bumps, it is not necessary to worry about the maintenance. These devices are designed to provide a constant performance without regular maintenance.



  • End Caps: 11.0 in
  • Yellow Module: 17.7 in. length
  • Black Module: 22.0 in. total length
  • Total Height: 2.1 in


Transform traffic safety into a priority with our bumps, the efficient and durable solutions for speed control.

Increase the road security standards and explore the Big Speed Bumps, where innovation meet reliability.


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