Innovation in road security for the future of cyclist mobility.

Multiseñal: Leader in road safety.

We are excited to present you our new product: GG Channelizer. Specially designed to satisfy the increasing need of safe infrastructures for cyclists, guaranteeing an effective delimitation and maximum security in shared roads.


Intelligent solar lighting specifically designed for bikelanes.


Its efficient light synchronization improves visibility and safety for all users.


Unrivaled resistance and durability to protect your tires even in the most demanding conditions.

Are you looking for efficiency in lane delimitation?
The GG Channelizer is the answer!

Solar Sphere

The ultrabright LED light and synchronized flashing are visible even in low conditions.

Directional Arrow

Our orientation arrow will guide you to the ideal installation point.

Firm and Durable Fixing

With 4 points placed strategically, our solution provides a solid and reliable floor fixing in any environment.

Lateral Protection

Designed to protect the solar sphere with precision.

Round Borders

Safe and intelligent design that ensures the protection of your vehicle in every moment.

Anti Slip Surface

Reliefs placed carefully to guarantee a unique grasp, even in the most slippery surfaces.

With cutting edge technology and an innovative design, our channelizer always guarantees a moving and safe traffic.

Optimize your urban projects with the GG Channelizer!

A resistant and efficient device in lanes for Metrobus, bike and public transport. Get yours now!

Speed up urban mobility and reduce risks with our adaptable road channelizer.


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