Why is it important to install signs around schools?

Road safety around schools is one of the major concerns for parents, particularly when dropping off and picking up children. It is a great danger to run over a child while is playing, this accident can be caused by vehicles that drive around with excessive speed.

In order to prevent accidents is necessary to oblige authorities to maintain a high level of road safety around and nearby schools, parks or sports centers.

How can we improve safety?

Through warning and measure implementation as signs; speed cushions are active measures and the best way to prevent eventualities.

In this paragraph, we will talk about the different types of speed cushions that can be used; as the construction ones that inform about works, and can be raised crosswalks for pedestrian crossings as the ones of concrete and asphalt.

Some other models are speed cushions or speed humps and bumps made of rubber, usually built in interconnected modules, adapting to any road with an easy installation.

Rubber speed cushions installation is very simple, it will take some hours to be ready to use, besides, these are maintenance free.

Its installation consists in…

  • First, measure the place where the device will be set.
  • Second, once you know the quantity, mark the boreholes and drill them.
  • Third, place the speed bump, hump or cushion and insert the bolts.
  • Finally, tighten the bolts and is done.

The rubber speed cushions are resistant to wear, especially to being driven over by vehicles, but sooner or later the pieces can be deteriorated and replaced easily and quickly.

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