Why cyclists and pedestrians suffer more accidents?


In the bustling streets of cities, cyclists and pedestrians face unique challenges in traffic and road safety matters.

Even though the continuous efforts to improve infrastructure and awareness, statistics revealed that these vulnerable users suffer a disproportionate number of accidents compared with other traffic participants.

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Vehicle-Cyclist-Pedestrian Interaction

Vehicle traffic increase has taken greater interaction among vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. The co-existence of these three elements presents a constant challenge, due each group have their own needs and limitations. The lack of mutual comprehension and absence of clear rules can contribute to a conflict and ultimately to accidents.

Non-adapted Urban Infrastructure

Road infrastructure performs a crucial role in cyclist and pedestrian security. The lack of exclusive lanes for bike, narrow sidewalks and safe crossings can hazard to these users in dangerous situations.

The deficient investment of specific urban improvements for cyclists and pedestrians contributes significantly to insecurity.

Distracted drivers and lack of awareness

Distraction and lack of awareness of drivers are aspects that represent a constant threat to cyclist and driver security, the causes are… be in a hurry or the use of an electronic device, but the point is that most of the times drivers ignore the presence of cyclists and pedestrians, increasing a risk of collision.

Environmental factors and limited visibility

Adverse climate conditions and absence of a correct lighting can affect negatively the visibility of cyclists and pedestrians; in low light conditions, is more likely to occur accidents due to the difficulty of drivers to detect these vulnerable users.   

Deficient education and awareness

The lack of road education specifically for cyclists and pedestrians, as the poor public awareness about the importance to share the roads, contribute to the vulnerability of these groups.

The promotion of education campaigns and awareness programs can enhance security in urban streets.


In an urban environment increasingly congested, safety of cyclists and pedestrians it seems threatened by the combination of factors, from inadequate infrastructure to the lack of road awareness.

Is essential to address these problems in an integral way, through investments of infrastructure, education campaigns and more strict measures.

Only through a coordinated approach and collaboration among authorities, drivers and vulnerable users, we can aspire to reduce the incidence of accidents and improve road safety for everyone.

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