Traffic Flashlight Wand

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Traffic Flashlight Wand

In construction road environments, the Traffic Flashlight Wand arises as an essential tool, standing out with its strobe light in red that can be visible from an impressive distance of 1640 ft.

Its innovative and versatile design adapts perfectly to different situations, providing a clear and effective warning.

Distinguished Features:

  • Impressive Visibility: The strobe in red guarantees an exceptional visibility, alerting workers and motorists in a large radio of 1640 ft, improving safety in road construction zones.
  • Interchangeable Base: Equipped with an interchangeable base (battery pack) for 4 “D” batteries, this Traffic Flashlight Wand is characterized for its stability.
  • Versatile Placement: The Traffic Flashlight Wand can be inserted on the TRIFLEX delineator post maximizing its usage and adapting to different dispositions of road construction. This versatility guarantees a match with no complications in different work configurations.
  • ON: In order to turn ON the Traffic Flashlight Wand you have to twist the upper part, providing an efficient and quick solution in circumstances where quickness is essential.



  • Diameter: 3.9 in
  • Height: 6.6 in


In conclusion, the Traffic Flashlight Wands not only provides an effective warning in road construction environments, but stands out for its convenient design, versatility and ease of usage.

Ensure safety in your road projects with this essential tool or with some other of our wide catalog, such as the Barricade Lights and try its great performance.


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