Traffic Light Wand

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Traffic Light Wand

Integrating innovation and safety, the Traffic Light Wand stands out as a robust baton to manage traffic and works effectively.

With four essential modes, this device is an indispensable ally in critical situations.

The Key Features include: 

  • Durable Versatility: This Traffic Light Wand not only works as a signaling device but can perform the role of a resistant baton if it is required.
  • Essential Functions: Equipped with a steady or flashing red light, this device ensures a clear and visible signaling in any environment. In addition, has LEDs that transform it into a powerful flashlight, providing additional lighting for night safety.
  • Alert Whistle: Incorporates a loud whistle to alert workers or drivers effectively in heavy traffic conditions; improving communication in noisy environments.
  • Battery Recharging: The Traffic Light Wand recharge its battery connecting it to alternating current or using the car’s lighter, guaranteeing a constant availability, avoiding interruptions on its performance.



  • Diameter: 1.5 in
  • Height: 17.5 in


In conclusion, the Traffic Light Wand fusions functionality and resistance to provide a comprehensive solution on traffic management and safety in road works.

Increase your safety standards with this multi-functional device or the Traffic Wand, designed to front challenges effectively and reliably.


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