Vertical Panels

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Vertical Panels

Discover the innovative Vertical Panels, essential accessories for the creation of restricted areas and the efficient  traffic control in parking lots. These devices are designed to channelize vehicle flow, usually used in detours, highways and roads, as the delimitation of contraflow lanes.

The Vertical Panels are characterized for their highly flexible and resistant material, these standout for their exceptional ability to adapt to different environments, without committing durability. The panel recovers its original position in seconds, guaranteeing a unique efficiency in traffic management.

These innovative accessories not only stand out for their functionality but also to their resistance to elements. Immune to environmental impact, corrosion and rusting, the Vertical Panels offer UV-protection.

In addition, their intelligent design includes four circles reinforced with one high intensity reflective film on each face; improving significantly the visibility in low-light areas. These reflective elements not only increase safety, but ensure an easy recognition of channelized areas.

Position in a strategical place these panels, which are resistant in parking lots, detours, highways, roads and contraflow lanes, offering integral solutions for traffic control in different environments. Discover the difference with the Vertical Panels, devices that redefine efficacy and durability in traffic management.



  • Height: 19.6 in
  • Colors: orange and black base
  • Reflective Tape: White or amber.


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